You deserve a City Councillor with

  • My leadership with the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre (RRCRC) informs my commitment to expand the Post-Incident Neighbourhood Support Network to connect residents, Community Organisations, and Associations with timely and appropriate communication.
  • As the President of the Manor Park Community Association, I brought the City & residents together to create the East-West Bikeway on Hemlock. We heard the residents’ concerns; a compromise was reached to limit the impact on Hemlock households, while delivering on linking the city bikeways for better-connected communities.
  • I fought to ensure our community was heard and respected with Kettle Island Project. I believe that community engagement and feedback is essential in ensuring that development is completed with respect to residents’ visions of their neighbourhood.
  • When Canada Lands was developing the plans for CFB Rockcliffe I sat on the Public Advisory Group that reviewed the outline for how Wateridge Village would be developed. As the biggest infrastructure development in Rideau-Rockcliffe it was critical that we get the livability, traffic flow, & environmental impact right from the start.

You deserve a City Councillor who

  • I am a community leader and advocate who has been listening to you, my neighbours in Rideau-Rockcliffe, and acting to move our initiatives forward for the last 25 years.
  • I am committed to community-based policies. Public engagement is needed to rebuild Beechwood as a safe, all-ages, accessible street that you deserve as our traditional Main Street.
  • I am committed to ensuring you are informed about issues that impact your neighbourhood with pop-up offices hours throughout the Ward and 4 newsletters a year delivered to your home.
  • Keeping taxes low is a priority. You want effective and efficient use of your tax dollars, keeping them low and affordable.

I am running to be your City Councillor because I want to ensure your voices are heard at City Hall.

You deserve a City Councillor who is

  • I am committed to ensuring our neighbourhoods remain affordable, safe, and liveable, and we must make smart investments in transit, roads, sidewalks and cycling networks.
  • Ensure and maintaining the safety of OUR streets is vital. I will work tirelessly with the police, community agencies, community associations and residents to address safety concerns in all of our neighbourhoods.
  • I will work with all of the partners in the Rideau Community Hub so that residents have centrally located access to public services in the Ward.