''Penny has a very good knowledge of the needs of the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community, where she has lived and worked as a volunteer for many years. Her generosity, her community engagement and her competencies will make her an excellent municipal councillor''.
~Madeleine Meilleur~

''Penny connait très bien les besoins de la communauté de Rideau-Rockcliffe pour y avoir habité et œuvré comme bénévole depuis plusieurs années. Sa générosité, son engagement communautaire et ses compétences feront d'elle une excellente conseillère municipale''
~Madeleine Meilleur~

Having worked with Penny in her role as President of the Manor Park Community Association, I have faith that Penny will be a committed and competent member of Council.
~Peter Clark, Former City of Ottawa Councillor~


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